Seven Top FREE online marketing tactics

Seven top FREE Online Marketing Tactics

Setting up your online marketing strategy can be an intimidating process. Once you sort out your photography, videos, and delivery, your budget can be left wanting. Don’t stress though, there’s heaps of free or cost effective tactics you can use to help keep your marketing strategy to budget!

1.Professional Images. Professional photos are a must for any campaign, but if a professional photographer isn’t in your budget just yet you still have options. Try using stock images, as a great in between to push your marketing campaign out quickly and cheaply. My favourite sites are Unsplash which has a range of completely free images, and Adobe Stock images, which isn’t free but the range is outstanding. They also have a range of stock videos.

2.Social Media. Link your social media channels and cross promote throughout each platform. This is a free way to get more engagement out of each post. My favourite social media platforms are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram. There is a tonne more and each one serves a particular purpose, so it’s a good idea to read up about each one.

3.Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The objective here is to give your website a high ranking when a potential customer does a search for a product/service with your key words. You just need to understand the back end of your website, and also find out the current algorithms Google and other search engines are using to rank content. Google like to keep everyone on their toes, so are always updating their algorithms; however one thing that has always been consistent with google is quality content.

4.Quality Content. Create quality website content that is useful to your potential customers. Popular methods are creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page, and having a blogging page.

5.Blogging. Blogging is a great tool for website SEO as regular blogs keep your content relevant. Blogging is also a great free online marketing tactic that can be used to answer specific questions your target market is asking. Blogs can be used in conjunction with photography and shared on each of your social media platforms and linked back to your website.

6.Engage in Facebook groups. Use Facebook groups as a way to engage with a specific target market. You can join for free and while many groups don’t allow you to ‘plug your business’, you can use conversation threads to answer questions. A good strategy is identifying a common question, writing a blog answering the question, and posting a link on the conversation thread directing them back to the blog. The information you give will be relevant, quality and specific to actual potential customer needs. If you can’t find a Facebook Group that suits your needs, create one!

7.Create Ads for FREE. One of my favourite online tools is Canva. You can create a huge range of content, with templates for each use. It’s my go-to for creating Facebook Cover ads, posters for print and resumes. There’s a huge range of free images and icons you can use, and even more images that cost just $1! The opportunities are endless!


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