Plotagraphs Vs Cinemagraphs

When marketing your business online, it’s undisputed that video content should be included in your strategy. However it can be really confusing when deciding what video content would go well in your campaign. Sometimes you don’t have the time to spend making traditional videos, thinking of a catching storyline and editing with music and subtitles, yet you’d like your advertisement to stand out more than a still photograph.

That’s where Plotagraphs and Cinemagraphs come into play. Both are editing techniques that when applied, create eye catching movements to your stills. But what’s the difference? Which one should you use for your next advertisement?


Plotagraphs are great if you don’t have access to video content as you can take a still shot and using plotagraph software animate movement within the photograph. The software is inexpensive and easy to download on IOS. The software is easy to use and there are plenty of easily accessible free tutorials online.

The best bit: Take a photo and create movement. Works well with fires or clouds.

The worst bit: Has limitations to what movement can be created.


Cinemagraphs take a video and create a combination of a still photographs and movement from a video. The possibilities with this technology are endless, and create stand out videos that can be put on a loop or bounced. The software is more expensive than Plotagraphs however it’s well worth it. I use Flixel software which is easy to use, and available on IOS and Mac. There are high quality tutorials within the software, as well as free online tutorials you can find on the web.

The best bit: Your imagination is your only limitations when creating a cinemagraph. You will be able to create movement that looks the way you imagine, with super cool tools like opacity and looping to edit the effect exactly as you’d like it.

The worst bit: The software is more expensive than Plotagraphs and other movie editing tools. Though I personally think it’s well worth the investment. If you do decide to purchase enter the unique code 'FLIXELTEN' to save 10% on the Flixel plan.

Whatever you decide I'm sure you'll have some fun turning regular photographs or videos into something exciting. If you need help with your upcoming marketing campaign or advertisement we can help you at

3 thoughts on “Plotagraphs Vs Cinemagraphs”

  1. I will definitely have to check out using these techniques. I do have tons of video footage, but haven’t really figured out how to make it eye catching. Thanks for the tips and recommendations.

  2. Umm.. lately I have been trying to work on videos for YouTube. Vlogs related to travel. Shall try this for insta may be. Too bad I don’t have ios though 🙁

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