The New England High Country with pets

Exploring the New England High Country with Pets

If you are travelling through Armidale and the New England High country, you’ll be quick to notice the region is inundated with National Parks, albeit beautiful National parks, but National Parks a.k.a very dog-unfriendly parks none-the-less!

There is, however a couple of pretty great options if you want to explore and include your pets!!

  1. You can walk around the town exploring with you dog. There are serveral pet-friendly cafes that will welcome you and even offer water for your dog. My favourite is Two Goats Café and Baa, as it back onto a sports field.
  2. You can explore the Piney’s forest walking tracks, which are super beautiful and pet friendly. There’s miles of tracks to explore.
  3. Check out the four-wheel drive tracks off Kempsey road. There’s rivers and tracks to explore and dogs are welcome. Wattle Flat is probably the easiest to find, but feel free to go “off-the-beaten-track” and find your own secret spot.
  4. Dumaresq Dam is advertised as “pets prohibited” so I won’t encourage you to visit here with your pets. I will say I have seen pets there, they love it and so do the people. Maybe this area will have it’s unfriendly pet status lifted at some point (hint hint Armidale Regional Council if you’re listening), so check it out. It is a great little spot to go paddleboarding, mountain biking, hiking and it’s perfect for picnics.
  5. Rug up and watch Netflix cause Armidale can get coooooold…. Brrrrrrr….. There’s nothing like a cuddling up to a couple of dog-biscuit-powered-mini-pooch-heaters to keep the chill off!

If you are looking for accommodation in Armidale, my recommendation is Armidale Tourist Park, they have standard and luxury cabins specially put aside for dog lovers and all dogs are welcome if you are camping.

Armidale Tourist Park also has some kennel if you really really really need to go check out the amazing National parks and leave your pooch behind!

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