Maggie & Max do Stanthorpe

Maggie & Max do Stanthorpe

Author: Maggie the Shihtzu

Well this was a real treat. I can’t remember the last time we had so much fun. We went paddle boarding, ran over rocks and through the grass, sat by a fire, barked like no one was there to hear us, and felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.

Our BossLady, Kate, elected to book us in at Sommerville Valley Tourist Park in Stanthorpe. We’ve stayed there before and know that Storm King Dam is pet and adventure friendly (wakeboarders & water sports welcome) and the resort is located right on the edge of the dam. On our previous stay we went for the 100% pet friendly cabins that were about $70-$100 a night. They were okay, great location, but BossLady was in the mood for a little bit of luxury this time.

Sommerville valley resort pool
Sommerville Valley Resort pool. Photo credit:

Sommerville Valley Tourist Park is made up of two sections. One section is the caravan park with the basic 100% pet friendly cabins, the other is the Sommerville Valley Resort. The resort side is beautiful. It has a pool and about seven luxury cabins all overlooking Storm King Dam. There’s plenty of room to park your boat or go for walks and feel like you are completely alone. The two bedroom cabins are fitted with high quality linens and furnishings, gas cooking in the full size kitchen, with a romantic fire place to keep the Granite Belt chill off at night.

I heard BossLady on the phone asking management to let us stay the night. They’ve got really high standards for their cabins and while they let dogs sleep outside, us little dogs aren’t always welcome because we hate sleeping on the veranda, which I totally understand. We had a bit of a family meeting and I convinced Max to not shed his hair on our holiday, and we were allowed to stay inside! BossLady let out a little scream of joy as this is a place she’s always wanted to stay and finally had the opportunity.

When we got there she took us straight out on the paddle board. Max jumped right on, but I waited until she was preoccupied with Max and took off to explore by myself. While I did hear a “gah, bloody hell Maggie!” from BossLady, I think what she meant was “enjoy exploring the shoreline Mags, have a hoot of a time”. So I did, and I honestly didn’t get in anyone else’s way. The dam was large enough that several groups could fish, have a meal on the shoreline or get the boat in and be out of everyone’s way. I loved it. I eventually got lonely and barked at BossLady to come pick me up so she did and we all went for a paddle board around the chilly lake together.

Sommerville valley resort fireplace
Sommerville Valley Resort fireplace. Photo credit:

That night we cuddled BossLady by the fireplace as she watched “the Batchelor”, eating her meal for one, and we thought that there was no one else in the world she would prefer to be spending the night with!

BossLady also has an online marketing business and is always experimenting with new technologies. So the next day we all agreed we would pose on the paddle board while she experimented with Cinemagraphs. This was fun! As we watched her set up the camera and tripod, we ran along the beach sniffing everything. We then all jumped on the paddleboard and rowed up and down the shoreline. Max started off being so scared of the water, but now he’s right into it and jumps in at the slightest invitation.

All in all it was a super fun trip to Stanthorpe. We felt welcome and like we were really on holidays. We can’t wait to head back to Sommerville Valley Resort!

Our next trip will be up to 1770 to get some proper dog training by Australia's best dog whisperer, Chris de Aboitiz from SupDogOz and we are pumped!!

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