Maggie & Max do Armidale

Maggie & Max do Armidale

Author: Maggie the Shihtzu

Armidale! Well, this is our birth place, so we’d have to say we are a bit sentimental, but we’ll try not to be too biased. I will start by saying for the first couple of years BossLady tried to leave us at home by ourselves, lol. She even built a nice fence so we had stairs and a yard to run around, but honestly we prefer to stay close to our treat dispenser and made her customers complain so she’d take us to work.

Now we’re full time employees at Armidale Tourist Park, and have taken on the responsibility of warming laps and taking naps, but we do occasionally wake in the afternoon and feel the need to just plain bark at whoever walks in the door. It shocks BossLady everytime! She sends us out of the room, usually pretends to kick us, (but never actually does) it’s just for theatrics, so we’re pretty sure she actually enjoys the drama. Sometimes when we bark at a cranky old man or a smoker she even pats our heads and giggles, lol. We've totally got her back!

maggie and max do armidale

We have a pretty sick life as BossLady has a need for travel. Maxi hated it at first, but now he’s killing it. I (Maggie) put my head out the window and feel the wind in my cheeks and couldn’t be happier!! She takes us most places she goes, and we get to explore all the adventures with her.

Here are our favourite Armidale adventures!!

1.Hanging out at Armidale Tourist Park. It’s a pet friendly park so there’s heaps of dog smells, the park is set on 14 acres and they have plenty of trees and lawn and flowers to explore. Our favourite bit is the pond where BossLady lets us off the leash for a bit and we get all muddy. BossLady loves other dogs at the park, and she’s set up 4 cabins specifically so owners can bring their besties!

2.Heading down to the Armidale Pine Forest is an all time favourite. Here we get to run wild when no one else is around, and the forest is big, so you’ll always have enough space. There’s mud and trees and long grass and creeks and rocks for us, and walking tracks for BossLady.

3.BossLady takes us exploring to a little rock beach off Kempsey road, which she named after me (Maggie’s Beach). It’s a sick 4x4 track to get there with awesome steeps that keep most of the other cars away. There’s a river that runs over a couple sets of shallow rapids. So rock hopping is super fun, and there’s a deep bit in the middle which everyone else goes swimming in. Max and I stay on the beach and sunbake when they are doing that though, it’s a bit crisp for us! The best bit is that there’s heaps of little pet friendly places to explore around the river systems down this way, so we always get let off the leash for a little bit and feel really free!

4.Sometimes we go a for a walk into town. BossLady usually puts Max in a backpack cause he’s not good at walking, but I love it. We usually go to a little café called Two Goats and A Baa as it backs onto an oval. We don’t get let off the leash here but BossLady usually runs a little with us. Just across the road there’s one of Armidale's off-leash dog park, but Max freaks out at all the other dogs so we don’t go there too much (he thinks he’s much bigger than he is).

the road down to maggie's beach
The road down to maggie's beach, off Kemsey road.

5.The farms located on the outskirts of Armidale! They are everywhere here and we know all the right people. We go visit our mate ‘Tori’ (who’s in the picture above) and run around the farm at Invergowrie. There’s heaps of farm stays in Armidale though, so if you don’t know anyone, you can check in with the Armidale Visitors Information and they’ll point you in the right direction!

2 thoughts on “Maggie & Max do Armidale”

  1. Hey Maggie and Max!
    I love your adventures! I love Armidale too. I can’t wait to come back to your lovely park, but we are a bit stuck looking after my sick Nanny, in Newcastle. I am not allowed off the leash, ’cause I pretend I can’t hear Mummy calling me to come back, and I run free like the wind. But, now I am older, I have Cushing’s Disease and have to take special tablets. Mummy says I should get a job to pay for them as they are very ‘spensive! Maybe I could help you at the Park and be a Watch Dog. Mummy says I watch everything, so I must be good at it. I don’t run so much atm. Well, betta go ‘cos it’s my rest time again. Give your humans big licks from all of us, till we see you again. Oh, Mummy said how good it is there are 4 cabins now that will let us bring our humans too. Lots of barks and tail wags. Lily xxx

    1. Oh no! I hope you are keeping the Cushing’s at bay!! We’d love to have you here and of course you can help watch… You just need to make friends with cranky Max first 🙂 See you soon!!

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