When talking to small businesses about “all this social media & online marketing stuff”, there are a few questions that keep popping up. So I thought I’d summarise here. If there are any other questions you’d like to know, feel free to ask at adventures@dragonfly.guru.

What is a Facebook Pixel?

A Facebook Pixel is a little piece of code you place on your website that tracks your website users, a.k.a your potential customers.

Why do I need a Facebook Pixel?

You don’t! Unless you want killer marketing and advertising campaigns targeting a custom audience! Once you’ve placed your pixel, you’ll be able to produce targeted campaigns that engage your website users. Not only that, you’ll be able to leave people out of the campaign that have already engaged with your product. So you won’t be showing up in their Facebook feed unnecessarily. Ultimately you’ll save money on unnecessary clicks and increase your engagement with your target market.

I'm already on Facebook why should I bother with Instagram?

I guess the real question is why not? Some users (potential customers) prefer Instagram as it’s a great way to follow and seek out other likeminded people, or keep up to date with new products from their favourite companies. There are also several really effective strategies to find, follow and attract your target market, all for free. The best bit is, it’s easy to cross promote your posts from Facebook to Instagram and vice versa, so it’s no extra time or effort to do both.

How can I turn 'likes' into dollars?

Some people tell me that social media is pointless for business because ‘likes’ don’t equate to ‘dollars’. That may be true if you don’t have a social media strategy in place. Decide who your target market is, and what it is you’d like them to do and we can turn those ‘likes’ into ‘dollars’ in no time.

Why is WordPress better than other website builders?

WordPress is my go-to for three main reasons. Firstly, the cost effectiveness of using a design template, yet still having the ability to customise or write your own code. Secondly, the plugins available are great, you’ll be able to easily find one that solves any problem. And finally, Search Engine Optimization.

Who should I get to host my website?

This depends on what you hope to achieve. If you are looking for a cost effective option, my go to is godaddy.com. This is a great option if you have some back-end knowledge or know the right questions to ask.

If you are looking at a more reliable Australian based company, try Xtreme. They are a sister company to Newbook, so they will integrate your Newbook online booking page with your website. They've also got a team of specialists at the Gold Coast waiting to answer your questions and fix your issues.

Why do I choose Newbook over other booking systems?

Firstly, I’ve used it to run my own business, and it’s amazing! But more so because when I attend caravan industry conferences or networking events, park owners or managers inevitably approach me and ask me who I use for my booking system. My response is always “you’re not currently using Newbook are you?” they always say ‘no’ and ask me how I knew. Simply put, no one using the Newbook system is looking for an alternative. Everyone is too busy working with the product to creatively promote their business, communicate with guests & staff, and smoothly run their back end. Easy.