Catch up with Margaret Shannon, Manager at Big 4 Great Lakes

Every time I attend an industry event, whether it be a conference or an awards night, or even just a regional industry meeting, I always end up meeting someone who blows my mind.

It was 2015 when I attended the CCIA Awards of Excellence, entering my parent’s caravan park, Armidale Tourist Park, in for the Hall-of-Fame win (that’s winning the award 3 years in a row), and expecting to come out on top due to our extensive expansions, killer PR campaign, and awesome application entered by yours truly. We were seated next to the team at Big 4 Great Lakes who were entered into a different category, with their application submitted by Margaret Shannon, their marketing manager. They also expected to come out on top. Granted, while the discussion around the table was humble, the presumption certainly wasn’t.

At the end of the night, while the best we could do was pose nasty with our ‘commendations’, feel ripped off about our losses, and head out to dinner to celebrate just how fantastic our dresses really were, I still felt like I was the biggest winner of the night. I got to meet Margaret. And she blows my mind.

kate with great lakes awards
Yours Truly trying to feel elated at an obvious loss

Since 2015, she’s won the Big 4 Great Lakes' numerous awards, my favourites are the trifecta at the last (2017) CCIA Awards of Excellence, winning, ‘Best Deluxe Resort style park’, & ‘Best of the Best’ for the park, and ‘Employee of the Year’ for herself. There has been other awards, but instead of listing them here I’d prefer you find her for a chat at the next industry event and ask her all about it.

margaret shannon ccia employee of the year
Margaret Shannon accepting the 2017 CCIA Employee of the Year award

After meeting Margaret I’ve gone out of my way to stay in touch, she’s done the same for me and a pretty great industry connection has been formed.

I enabled a catch up with Margaret on one of my recent escapes from my 'day-to-day' and she allowed me to get a little bit of an insight into her Caravan Industry world, and her own world as well.

One of the things I love about this chick is her passion for the industry despite not being born into it. She’s taken her professional experience from the hotel industry, influenced it largely by Sir Richard Branson, and brought it to the Caravan Industry with no hold backs... And one of her outside-the-box ideas for this year is a  'Caravan Convoy to conference' to the next national industry conference in May 2018 which I'm super pumped about (I've even mapped it out on my 2018 adventure to make sure I go)!

See the full 'catch-up' below:

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