Catch up with Angus Gill, Country Music artist

Hitting the road this year, one of the things I'm looking forward to the most is meeting other people who love the Caravanning Industry as much I do. 

Today I met Angus Gill. Angus Gill is a young P Plater who's using his RV to travel Australia on his "Nomad" tour and perform his country music originals at festivals and willing Caravan Parks.  

But don't let his age fool you. He's already collaborated with some of Australia's country music greats, Adam Harvey & Graeme Connors; he's had his debut album sit on the ARIA charts; he's performed along side Deni Hines and opened for Lee Kernaghan, Tania Kernaghan and the Wolfe Brothers; and he's made appearances on Studio 10 and the Daily Edition. My feeling is he's only just getting started, but despite his ongoing successes, I reckon he'll keep his adventurous and down to earth demeanour that's required of someone using caravan parks as their play ground. 

See the full 'Catch Up' below: 

Kate: Yo! Angus 

Angus: Oh G'day Kate! 

Kate: Hey, is this your van? 

Angus: Sure is 

Kate: How long have you had it? 

Angus: I've had it about five years 

Kate: Why do you have it? 

Angus: I'm on a Nomads caravan park tour at the moment 

Kate: That sounds good to me, what's your best RV feature? 

Angus: Ah, the toilet, it's just handy you know 

Kate: Your favourite day time TV appearance? 

Angus: Studio 10 

Kate: Go to duo partner? 

Angus: Adam Harvey, he's a legend 

Kate: What's your favourite song with him? 

Angus: Oh, P Plater, the one we just recently recorded on my album 

Kate: Fantastic, and your favourite song lyric? 

Angus: Desperados waiting for a train, by Guy Clarke

Kate: Your biggest achievement of 2017? 

Angus: Releasing my new album, "Nomad", and having some help from people that I've looked up to for a great amount of time, ever since I was 7 years of age, and having it (the album) spend a couple weeks on the ARIA charts which was pretty cool. 

Kate: Wow that's exciting, most exciting plan for 2018? 

Angus: Just touring this great country, I'm actually going over to America too, so that will be fun, but just playing as much as I can, doing as many festivals as I can and having a good time. 

Kate: Fantastic, how long have you been attending the Tamworth Country Music Festival? 

Angus: For the last 11 years? 

Kate: And your funniest experience at the Golden Guitar's (awards)? 

Angus: Oh, just going around after everyone has had a little too much red wine and hearing some of the stories and catching up with some really good friends. 

Kate: I hope it's good red wine, we have the best red wine at the Caravan Industry Conferences, would you recommend the RV lifestyle to other musicians? 

Angus: Definitely! It's fantastic, you know the people you meet, the places you see, the ground you've covered, you know, it's fantastic 

Kate: Can you give us a 30 second summary of life on your road? Maybe using your guitar? 

Angus: With all the travelling I do, I come across alot of road works! 

Road works, you gotta merge, 

Slow down, shifting back to first 

Road works, man with a sign,  

Kind of lollipop you don't like 

How long does it take to move some dirt? 

Your hatin it, they're diggin it 


Kate: Oh you've got some relatable content mate! It's been really good to meet you, thanks for performing at our park, and good luck on your tour! 

Angus: Cheers, 

Kate: And I hope to see you on the road mate! 

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