Caravan Industry catch up with Luther Mclachlan

One thing no one can deny is the diversity of careers within the caravan industry. This year I attended the inaugural Newbook Tourism Innovators conference and met Luther Mclachlan. From a mechanical engineering background, to now working with a team of scientists, he's won the Mayor's award on the Gold Coast and has had the local News media begging for answers, and I can understand why. Turning the water purification industry on its head and creating pool water you can drink, the team at Ozone Swim/Brauer Innovations are worth having a yarn to!

I got the chance to catch up with Luther again at Ashmore Palms Village, one of the leading holiday parks in the caravan industry who have taken Brauer up on their offer of a zero chlorine after-smell and a healthier pool for their guests, and we discussed how/why science is a superiorly relevant career choice in this industry.

See the full transcript below.

Hey when I think of careers in the Caravan Industry I think of caravan park managers, manufacturers and maybe content creators or marketers, but you're in a team of scientists! How do you fit the picture?

Luther: Well different caravan parks have different sorts of pools, so they've come us to try and get the healthy advantage. To allow their guests to have the healthiest swimming advantage.

At what point in your career/studies did you find yourself using your science to create clean pools?

Luther: Back in 2004 our technology was developed, and we've just rolled with it. Like you said, we've got a team of scientists so we all excel in different avenues. We've travelled the world and worked out what other countries use for their sanitation and we've taken what we want from what they're using, improved it and joined a couple technologies together, to give us what we thing is the best water in the world.

What's the biggest pool you've installed the ozone technology into?

Luther: We've installed our systems into one of the largest aquatic centres in the world which in is Malaysia, Kulala Lumpa, and they are having fantastic results.

You've been asked to speak at a few pretty prestigious events, what has been your stand out in the public speaking arena?

Luther: People love the health aspect. The health industry is growing at 80% year round at the moment, and the pool industry is growing by about 0.6%, and this is the way we tap into it. Everyone wants to become healthy and wants the healthiest option for their family. So that's why the healthy avenue is what people like about our product.

You're a little bit of a local business star, making several media appearance on local TV channels, what advice could you give to other future leaders looking to use the media to promote their businesses?

Luther: It is essential to be on all social media platforms now, that's how people find out what's happening in the world these days. So snagging local news stories is very beneficial as well, and being able to share them, because it's not actually coming from yourself, it's coming from a third party.

You picked up the Mayor's Innovation award in 2016. How did you find the award process and did you see a benefit for your business?

Luther: Well our product speaks for itself, and now the Gold Coast city council are installing our products across the region as they can see the benefits. They Mayor has stepped up and said, that's a great innovative product and he's put his name behind it.

Favourite Gold Coast 4x4 tracks?

Luther: I'd have to say Nerang state forest, cause we're running out of all the other tracks on the Gold Coast.

Favourite camping spot in Australia? Name only 1!

Luther: It would have to be Pottsville.

Your dream camping set up and why?

Luther: The dream camping set up would have to be the Patriot camper X1. I like the look and the usability. We were lucking enough to take one to Cape York once!

I didn't think you could take camper's up there, but you took a Patriot??

Luther: You can take a Patriot anywhere.

Far out!! Well what's next on the agenda for Ozone Swim and Brauer Innovations?

Luther: The next thing is getting more involved in drinking bottled water. So, purifying water, not just in pools but into the drinking bottled water sectors

Thanks for your time Luther, do you have any last parting advice for newcomers to the Caravan Industry?

Luther: There are that many opportunities within the Caravanning market. You've got from swimming pools, you've got your cabins, cleaning, cooking... there's a vast array of jobs in the caravan industry, so you've just got to get yourself out there!

Sounds good, well thanks for the chat, it's always great to catch up and good luck with the Commonwealth games!

Luther: Thank you!

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