Aussie Workations – The best way to see Australia

Aussie Workations - The best way to see Australia

What is Aussie Workations?

Aussie Workations is a Facebook group dedicated to individuals who want to travel and work around Australia, making adventures, exploring, and vacations a part of their everyday lifestyle.

What spurred on Aussie Workations for me?

We keep getting reminded of the massive 50 year working stretch right smack bang in the prime of our lives. We also keep getting reminded that we should be doing something we love.

It all became a little too simple for me when I started to apply for corporate jobs in the city, after feeling the need to move on from my family’s business (which I loved) in Armidale. I realised that if I did eventually get the job I was applying for, I would have to start working there, and that seriously did my head in.

I’ve worked in a ‘9 to 5’ before and had the feeling I was staring down a big black barrel of death. So to get out of the situation, long story short I jumped on a plane and hid in Canada for two years snowboarding. So why go back to the big black barrel of death that is the corporate world?

I figured if everything I was saying on my resume was true (and it was), that I could back myself and build my own business (so I did).

But what about expensive office space?!? What if I didn’t have to pay for it at all? Wouldn’t it be a lot less risky for a start-up if your accommodation and office space was all rolled into one? And wouldn't you be better at your job if you had the ability to travel, explore and keep your motivation levels high?

And then there was the issue of my dogs. I thought about travelling internationally on Remote Year, touring around Europe or the USA with a group of people doing the same thing, going on mad adventures and earning an income on the way. But that obviously wasn’t an option for me with my pooches.

So Australia it is! And what an option! This country has such diverse landscapes, sub-cultures and hidden gems waiting for me to explore.

Pet Friendly travel adventures

What about logistics?

Two words - technology & innovation! These are the two best elements of my plan, as they actually bring it all together and make it possible.

I’ve been working in the Caravan Industry for five years now and have seen first-hand the technological advancements and innovative solutions that both parks and trades have applied to their products. Now I get to use them for myself, and I can’t wait!

I’ve seen caravan parks opt for high speed WIFI options, and develop communal spaces perfect for working (if it’s too cold to sit by the ocean, lol). As well as being set in some of the best locations, some have restaurant and/or live music events perfect for networking.

The trade side is unbelievable. Caravans these days have all the mod-cons of a cute inner city apartment, with gas cooking, flat screen TVs, Bluetooth stereos, leather lounge suites & full bathrooms. Battery and solar technology have developed so much you can go for weeks at a time without hooking up to electricity. The camper I have purchase can last 7 days just on battery power alone. It’s designed for comfort, luxury and ease of set up. I press a button and within three minutes my Air Opus will be ‘corner-office’ ready. So it doesn’t matter what my plans are, I’ll always have what I need to get my job done!

Aaaaand turns out there already heaps of people on the road doing exactly this! So this group is designed to connect us and inspire us.

freedom of working anywhere

Next Steps...

This group is open to all members of the Caravan and Camping industry, and those looking to travel and work around Australia on their Aussie Workation.

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