10 easy steps to promoting your business online

10 Easy Steps to promoting your business online

1. Choose and purchase a domain name
Don’t spend too much time on this, it’s not really important. You just need something that works for you. I’ve used GoDaddy.com to purchase mine, as they have an easy domain name search with plenty of options if the one you want is taken.
A big tip is to make sure you pay the extra couple of dollars to keep your account private, otherwise you’ll be taking calls from all over the world discussing web development. That gets old really quick when you realise you are spending more time on these calls than you are with your best mate.

2. Decide who you’d like to host your website
Most domain name purchasing sites will offer the service of hosting. Again, I’ve gone with GoDaddy as they are reasonably priced, have really good customer service, offer un-limited storage, and allow you to use a WordPress website builder, which is important to me.

3. Build your website
There are heaps of website builders on the web, and they are all pretty intuitive. I choose WordPress over all others due to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) component, and the available plug-ins that allow you to achieve almost anything without needing to re-write code.

4. Create content fitting for your website's goals
This is a really important aspect of your website. You need content that speaks to your target market and works in line with your SEO strategy.

5. Source beautiful photos
Beautiful photos make beautiful websites. Make sure the photos that you’d like to place on you site are professionally taken. If you can’t afford professional photos just yet check out www.unsplash.com for hundreds of free professional photos that you can use for anything. For more options, I really like using Adobe Stock Images, they do charge a subscription fee for the use, however, you then have access to thousands of really high quality stock images.

6. Sign up to your favourite social media networks
My favourite social networks are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, but there are hundreds more to consider. Have a think about who you’d like to engage. Each network needs its own strategy to engage with potential customers, however to get started you can easily link your networks.

7. Link your social media networks from your website
Make sure you have links to your social media networks on the header or footer of your web page, or in the contacts. Check out my home page to see how I've done it on this website.

8. Link your website from your social media networks
Let people in your social networks know about your website by listing it in the appropriate spot. This will be different for each network; however each one has a profile description which is a good place to start.

9. Develop an SEO strategy
Think about who you want your customers to be and want key words they will search for when finding your product. A good place to start is doing searches in Google. Once you type in a search request the number of search results will display. The higher the results, the higher the potential customers searching for that word.

10. Engage with potential customers
Think about who your customers are, how you’d like to communicate with them, and what forum is the best to achieve those goals.

If you'd like to know any more about the initial set up stages of your online business presence contact us.

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